Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ep. 013 : Your photography sucks, here's why (Roundtable)

When a WhatsApp conversation turns into an impromptu recording, what you get is an interestingly fresh and unapologetic twist - as it shows in this recent episode.
Unfiltered, unpolished but indeed, still Safe For Work, it's definitely the most creative and enthused I've felt about a recording - especially after such a long hiatus.

For this conversation, our third photography roundtable, Vivardy BoursiquotDimitri Rousseau and I will take a candid and sincere look at some the many and honest "reasons" why one's photography and overall body of work can and eventually will ...suck. We're not saying we're not guilty of these, just that we're honest enough to admit it. A fun talk which I hope you'll enjoy as much as we did.


Direct link to downloading the audio version available here
(Do a 'Right-Click' - then select  "Save Link/Target As...')

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