Friday, July 17, 2015

Ep. 011 : Social Circle (Photography Roundtable)

On this episode, I welcome back my awesome gang of creative misfits. On the roundtable's docket this time around : Social Media and its ever reaching impact on our mindset, norms and overall practices. 
How are we coping with the millennial expectations of the "Want It Now/Need It Yesterday/Already Gone"?
This is not an endorsement of the obvious and various platforms we choose to publish our content on.  I feel that's been done already.
It's an obviously extensive topic and we've certainly got our fair share of ground to cover.
A very active and enlightened conversation full of amazing opinions and anecdotes.
I'm thankful to my guests Koralie Deetjen-WoodwardDimitri RousseauVivardy Boursiquot for their insight as we dive into this exciting discussion - and to you, for tuning in.

Hope you'll enjoy.

Direct link to downloading the audio version available here
(Do a 'Right-Click' - then select  "Save Link/Target As...')

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